Should dogs wear clothes?

Clothing for pets is a huge market these days. You can see tons of designs showing up on Etsy and other sites. Dog clothing has the lion’s share. You got proper clothes, fancy collars and the harness. There is a range of designs on offer. E-commerce giants give you an impressive set of selections. The low cost Chinese goods are coming in plenty too. A lot needs to be discussed about the quality and any possible chances of harmful chemicals pertaining to the fabric. Before answering that, it’s our duty to have our take on the ethical question – Should dogs wear clothes?

The downsides…

Even with best intentions, you may make a bad decision on this one. The basic idea is to comfort your dog during winters. But people fail to see, the species name for your dog is not Homo sapiens. Nordic breeds already have plenty of fur. They may not suit even the modest tropical climate. When you dress them on top of all that fur, you are effectively blocking the air circulation. It causes a harmful increase in its body temperature. People clothe their dog for specific reasons, devoid of any considerations about the downsides. One thing a responsible dog owner can’t afford is excessive excitement. Your excitement can result in anxiety, stress and discomfort in dogs.

Where dogs do need clothing?

In particular cases, clothing for dogs can be beneficial. If you live in colder regions and you witness your dog shivering uncomfortably, clothing becomes advisable. Clothing is recommended for dogs sleeping outdoors in colder climates. It helps keep them warm at night. It results in a comfortable sleep for your dog in an unnatural habitat. Eased adaptation to the new ecosystem is a real prospect.

If you wish to clothe your dog, see whether it is necessary. Ensure it will really benefit the dog. During winters you have the leeway to dress your dogs. You can dress the puppies and elderly dogs. Dogs with short hair like Chihuahua can make use of clothing. Certain health problems warrant dog clothing. Raincoats for dogs come in handy in the streets of London or any place where it frequently rains.

Pointers on choosing dog clothes:

  • Evaluate the shape of your dog. If you have a long dog, purchase in specialty stores. The idea is to not block the natural movement of the canine.

  • Consider the amount of fur in ratio to size of the dog. For instance, obese & furry dogs overheat when they are wrapped in clothes. It leads to higher chances of heat stroke.

  • Avoid clothes with buttons or zippers. Your dog can ingest this material and hurt itself.

  • Invest in good quality fabric. Sensitive dogs can develop allergic reactions otherwise. Harmful type of detergent used for washing can cause allergies too. Use neutral soaps that don’t contain harmful chemicals.

  • Don’t cloth your dog until it’s completely dry after bath. Wet dog might hold on to some bacteria and fungi. The cloth would never let the dog get rid of it.

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